Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility, in other words not only having an eye for profit, but also looking at what is good for people and the environment. This is a core philosophy of Hotel Group Texel. `Here below we gladly explain how that influences our business policies.

*In 2002 we renovated Hotel De Lindeboom. All twenty five rooms were transformed. We integrated a VRF system, a full functioning climate system for cooling and heating that makes individual adjustments possible. This gives a very high comfort combined with low energy use. The new key cards made it possible for light and heating to turn off when our guests leave the room. Hotel De Lindeboom was the first accommodation on the island to have these energy saving features.

*In 2008 all sixty rooms of Hotel Greenside where renovated and given the same energy saving systems. In addition all the lights where replaced with LEDs. The showerheads and taps have been adjusted to save water without losing comfort. Most of the central heating pumps are now low energy users. Within the near future the last two central heating pumps will be replaced, making our complete central heating system energy efficient. The kitchen of our hotel has been upgraded with integrated cooling in the worktops. These also have the highest energy saving labels possible.

*The energy we use in our hotels is supplied by Texel Energy. This local green energy supplier isn’t the cheapest option . We choose this local supplier for two important reasons. The energy supplied is 100% green and supporting local initiatives fit our company’s philosophy.

*We mainly use local suppliers for the ingredients in our hotel kitchens. This not only allows us to stimulate the island economy, the quality of local produce is exceptional. If possible, we always choose locally grown. We also enjoy doing business with small private local suppliers. They tend to have exceptional ingredients. Our chefs create magic with these local treasures.

*We serve Fairtrade tea and countless Fairtrade breakfast choices. If it is available from Fairtrade, we include it in our catering.

*The exceptionally rich breakfast buffet at Hotel Greenside contains, besides Fairtrade products, a wide range of fresh dairy products from Care Farm Novalishoeve. This of course includes daily fresh milk. The hotel has its own biological, richly varied herb garden. These herbs are used in the exquisite dishes we serve in our restaurant Wambinge. Besides growing conventional herbs, we also grow special ‘forgotten’ herbs like bergamot mint.

* The bedlinnen in the hotel rooms and napkins in our restaurants are eco-friendly and Fairtrade.

*The laundry is handled by employees of sheltered workshop The Bolder on Texel. We are one of the few hotels to choose this option. This is somewhat understandable because the Bolder is closed on Sundays and public holidays. We compensate this ‘problem’ by having a larger stock of bedlinnen than we would need if we signed up with a regular laundry service. The Christmas gifts for our employees are also supplied through the people at De Bolder.

*In our company we offer jobs to people outside the normal labour market or to people who need some extra supervision. One of our chefs went one step further. He ignored a serious ‘No Go’ advice when he hired a new kitchen assistant. The latter flourished on the job and the collaboration enriched the lives of both our chef and his new assistant.

* The companies within Hotel Group Texel are open all year round. We try to have work for our staff during the quieter winter months. Saying goodbye to staff in November and hello to new employees in March is no exception for hotels on Texel. For us this is never an option. We are continually active, ensuring a good occupancy rate all year round. Inventive incentives ensure a continuity of work for our staff.

*We promote and stimulate electric transportation. We have had two electric scooters for our guests since 2009. In 2012 we invested in an electric car, a Vauxhall Ampera. For driving on the island this is a very good alternative for petrol fuelled cars. Soon both Hotel De Lindeboom and Hotel Greenside will be the first hotels on Texel with their own charging points. There is currently a grant application to the Wadden Fund to expand our electric transport options. We are also working on a subsidy to realise solar panels on our roofs.

* A company like ours is widely promoted through print. For this we also have found a sustainable approach. Our new brochures are printed on the edges of the sheets on which other printing is made; the white edges that normally would be cut off and discarded. The in-house printing within our companies has been restricted as much as possible. Reservations and quotations are processed digitally.

* Recycling is also important for us. We segregate our waste separate as much as possible for recycling purposes. Old bread is collected for animals and the green waste from the garden of Hotel Greenside is used as compost for the herb garden. During the renovation of our rooms the televisions were replaced with new ones. We gave the old televisions away and offered the furniture via the Internet. Part went to a club and the rest went to the local recycling store. Our old bar has been given a second life in the cafe of the Texel Brewery. Many orders are delivered on pallets. Because they are not returnable, we give them to Het Maartenshuis, a local work/live-in sheltered community where they use the wood to make furniture

As indicated, sustainability, or CSR, is not a hype within Hotel Group Texel, but embedded in our company management. We weigh all of our choices and when possible will always choose the sustainable route. Not only out of respect for people and the environment, but because our guests appreciate our philosophy. And with each new sustainability innovation we become more and more excited about the path our company has chosen.

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